Mrs. E 'Ella incarnation'

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The Audio Adventures


Ruby Dynamite

Favorite tea

Masala chai

"This is the President of the United States of America, who is this?"

"Just me, little old me. The tea lady with no weapons, no plan and nothing to loose. How do you think the Aliens rate their chances now?"

Character, quirks and appearanceEdit

Ella is quirky, excentric and to some people, only slighty mad. Patience isn't one of the many virtues she shares with her other incarnations, it's a wonder she has a patience for tea making. Her favored tea is Masala Chai . Over excitable at best, confident in her abilities but completly heart warming and full of self sacrifice. She does suffer from one problem though, arrogance. Not in a rude way, she just has a habit of saying more than she needs to, which is why she has Stella around, to keep her in her place.

Her appearnce is that of an Asian/American, dressed in a formal gothic ball gown, though due to her nature her respecable appearnce more than often ends up untidy and a bit of a mess. Her demeanor is friendly, bubbly and excitable.thumb|300px|right


Ella is the replacment incarnation to Elsbeth.


Ella is the precursor to the video series Mrs. E incarnation Eve. She sacrificed her life in the battle against the Weavers. A supernatural race determined to wrap reality into a state of eternal statis and order. She released her full powers to breath life back into the Earth after it became a static shell and as a result destroyed the Weavers and spent all her life energy. She was assisted by Brent back to the Tea Shoppe where Eve was waiting to replace her. Her last words were "Don't be dull'.

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