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Mrs. E is the mysterious owner of the Mrs. E English tea Shoppe that is everywhere in space, time and reality. She has had many faces, personalities and names all begining with the letter E. She is not a part of any particular alien race the Doctor knows of, indeed she is rumoured to be a unique being in her own right.

Character, quirks and appearanceEdit

Mrs. E’s character and appearance has change considerably over the centuries. The descriptions vary, she is often portrayed as a well presentable lady in elegant Gothic/Victorian dresses. She is commonly human in appearance, and she always has a different name, all beginning with the letter E. She doesn’t regenerate, more she actually dies at a crisis point, in the tea shoppe, during which a new Mrs. E takes her place. Though the number of Mrs. Es has not been defined, the organization known as the Oroborus has cataloged at least 42 Mrs. Es, most of which are still unconfirmed. Each incarnation has their own preference in regards to blends of tea.
The Suite of Mrs

The Suite of Mrs. E

Mrs. E's Tea ShoppeEdit

She owns a Victorian tea shoppe. You may have seen it in the corner of your eye, you may have been there in a passing memory. It’s quite likely as this tea shoppe is Everywhere in reality (some say beyond) and it is never out of place. You may have noticed in passing in the moment of insanity, that business man in the corner is a raptor drinking Darjeeling tea with crumpets, only to find when you give him a second look he is indeed only a man. Well that’s perfectly normal right, I mean the alternative would be absurd. But absurdity is the norm here, you just don’t see it. This tea shoppe is host to a many great number of beings across time and space and they are just as ignorant of what goes on here as you are.

The owner of this absurd tea shoppe is a lady who has had many faces and may names, all beginning with with the letter E. More commonly known as Mrs. E amongst those who know her better. She is charming, well refined quirky and, well odd. She also perhaps has saved your life more than once and you didn’t even know about it. She would have you believe she only runs a tea shoppe, and that’s true, only her patrons come from all over time and space. But when she steps outside her doors, which could open to worlds anywhere in the universe, the universe itself shakes in fear of her dainty footsteps.

Companions and staffEdit

Mrs. E doesn’t have companions as such. She has staff. Mainly human, who experience these many adventures with her, as well as serve tea to the denizens of reality. These are the humanity and soul of Mrs. E who given her age and experience could so easily loose herself in her own self importance.

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