"My dear child. The Oroboros may be a secretive well organized society across time and space, but didn't it occur to you that we might not be the only one? We may be (he chuckles ironically for a moment) "benevolent", but we're far from alone when it comes to watching the actions of one Mrs. E. Conspiracies are like that you see."


Brent is the common spokes person for the Oroboros, a secretive organisation built to watch over the actions of Mrs. E. He was also her companion when he was a child, when Mrs. E was in her Evelyn incarnation. He was served as a child in a Pittsburgh mine where most of his friends went mysteriously missing. Evelyn discovered a cybernetic race using the missing children as living batteries to give their machines greater imagination in their was against another species and rescued them. She then, in a few simple words, convinced them to leave the planet never to come back. Without a familiy, Eiko took Brent under her wing and he expierenced many adventures with her until she left him with a loving family, never to return. Determined to see her again, he later took on the interests of the Oroboros, and joined them, only to find his Mrs. E was no longer around. Mrs. E and Brent have been on and off allies and rivals since.

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